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Display Stand

Counter display stand and box printing service - Image PPM help our clients to design efficient and solid structure with attractive appearance to grab potential attention. This good advertising tool has direct impact on product promotion.

Image PPM has professional engineers and experienced sales to keep prompt communication with our clients. We offer effective advices to improve appearance, structure, assembly and disassembly. Good packing is very important for convenient transportation, well protection, and also freight saving.

Many potential clients directly send their products and general requirements. Image PPM work out mockup, test performance, supply template, send proofs, finish production and arrange delivery on time.

Corrugated board is the popular material for display stand. It is made from a combination of several liners and flutes. Different layers of liners and flutes in a certain way can generate different structure and strength corrugated board.

Image PPM also recommend proper corrugated board or such combination to achieve specific functional requirement.

Please include all useful information of your products and draft ideas when you send us the inquiry. Our dedicated team will feedback as soon as possible after get your inquiry. We are proud of a reliable partner to offer our counter display stand and box printing service.  

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